Looking forward to meet one of the best baseball players in the world? Here are they.

Manny Machado took the lead in serving as the baseball player in when he was at his early adult life and he became more and  more famous for his achievement as one of the pitcher in baseball team. He is an award winner of baseball games and a veteran of the game. He is from Baltimore.

Yasiel Puig is one of the most amazing player in history of baseball team in America. There are so many admired players but he is one of the voted top 10 best players in America. He is from Los Angeles.

Rougned Odor. This young man is a Texan and he is another person who has made a history in baseball game. In 2016, he became one of the most adored player for his wit in all the actions he take. No one says that he is a bed player despite from the error he had when he was playing.

Kris Bryant is from Chicago. A young player dedicated to his career and that he is one of the most intelligent in his team. So he is called, Bryan the savior of the game.

Mikel Franco from Philadelphia is a good player that has become the best player from Philadelphia. People are cheering for him so that he can continue in his service. There are many things that he can do more.

Kevin Kiermaier from Tampa Bay is called the baseball Tiger in the his time. He has future ahead of him.